Conservation Training

4 Strategies to Spark Public Engagement

November 9, 2021

11:00 am – 11:45 am
Location: Online

The squeaky wheel gets the oil as the adage goes. But what happens when that squeaky wheel only represents a small portion of your stakeholders? You could end up making a decision or policy change that causes problems for the greater body of your constituents.

How can federal agencies mitigate the risks of only engaging with the most vocal of their stakeholders? To help, Granicus is bringing you 4 strategies to spark public engagement. These strategies are designed to help you reach out to a wider audience of stakeholders and make sure your agency is working for the greatest benefit of the group.

The strategies are:

  1. Education – Getting people to engage from a place of knowledge
  2. Actionable Content – Involving the community in the process
  3. Transparency – Sharing what you know
  4. Open Minded Approach – Be open to alternate outcomes