Conservation Training

2023 Conservation Cropping Seminar

January 18, 2023

9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: Springfield, Illinois or Online

Find ways to improve soil health, learn more about cover crops, adopt new technologies, improve root health, manage nutrients, and hear the latest agronomic research. Attend this year’s event to use sustainable techniques & climate-smart solutions that build up natural resilience to weather extremes, pests, and weeds. Learn from conservationists, researchers, and specialists! There will be a Question & Answer session as well as helpful resources to access. For nine years, Illinois conservation partners will offer information, data, and guidance in a one day, 5-hour hybrid virtual conference.

We learned in recent years how popular and easy virtual events can be and we DOUBLED participants as a result. But we know farmers like to sit together and talk. Let’s do BOTH! The planning committee found five GREAT speakers to share helpful information and ideas Illinois farmers can use. For $25 we’ll feed lunch to the first 100 in-person registrants. Virtual guests can join online for just $15 (lunch is on your own!). We’ve arranged for 4.5 soil & water CEUs & 1.0 Nutrient Mgt CEUs!