Conservation Training

18th World Lake Conference

November 9, 2021 – November 11, 2021

Location: Online

The Conference invites discussions and presentations, in English or Spanish, in a wide range of socio-economic and cultural issues related to the sustainable use of lakes, wetlands, and other bodies of standing water, as well as the more traditional and classic topics linked to eutrophication, pollution, and biodiversity, as characterized below;

In-lake issues such as unsustainable fishing practices, the introduction of invasive species of fauna and flora, pollution impacts to water quality and biodiversity, salinity changes, weed infestations;

Nearshore/lakeshore problems such as nutrients from fish cages, domestic and industrial effluent discharges, excessive water withdrawals, and degradation of shoreline wetlands and ecotones;

Problems from lake basin activities such as excess sediment inflows, nonpoint pollution, agrochemical and fertilizer runoff, land-use changes, including urbanization, industrialization, and excessive tourism, and their impacts on the quantity and quality of water runoff, management of stormwater runoff, and the management of infringements on the shoreline region;

Global-scale challenges such as climate-change-related problems and their impacts, water temperature changes, depletion of dissolved oxygen, long-distance transport of airborne pollutants, and dramatic changes in lake basin demography that infringes on the ecological buffering capacity of lakes and other bodies of standing water.