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Land+ Water Conservationist (aka County Conservationist) Meetings

WI Land+Water hosts two meetings each year for the state's conservationists to join together and discuss statewide issues on land and water conservation implementation. The meetings take place in the summer and in the winter.

2017 Summer Land+Water Conservationist/County Con Meeting July 13-14, 2017

Hotel Mead

451 E. Grand Ave

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Meeting start time: 12:45 (following lunch)

See updated draft agenda for more information.  To register, email kim@wisconsinlandwater.org 

2016 Winter Land+Water Conservationist/County Con Meeting  December 1-2, 2016

Thank you to all who attended!

PDFs of Presentations:


2016 Summer County Conservationist Meeting - July 21-22, 2016

PDFs of Presentations: 

Thank you to River Alliance for sponsoring Water and Agriculture: Lessons from Iowa as part of the first day's agenda.