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Wisconsin Land+Water News

Conserving and Observing

Both will be happening at Leslie and David Meuer's Farm in Calumet County for Conservation Observance Day on Friday, August 26th. These 'Farmers of the Year' recipients will give a tour of their best conservation practices and ag-tourism attractions. More info HERE

Unveiling our new Website! 

Our new alternative website called "WI Land+Water+Media" is now ready for your viewing! There you'll find all of our media content in one place, including photos, success stories, and webinars. 

Visit wislandwatermedia.org 

County Conservation Spotlight

Lake Mendota is widely recognized as the most studied lake in North America, but most people ask just one simple question—"Why is it dirty?". 'Dirty' usually refers to the algae, which blooms excessively in the spring and summer and causes water to smell and become toxic. But while the algae problem is seen in the lakes, it begins further upstream....

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